Contract and legal document management is broken

Today, all the information you need to secure funding and stay compliant is managed through chaotic email chains and document graveyards. It bottlenecks growth and is expensive for both founders and their lawyers to maintain.

Aerial creates a single source of truth with zero lift from you

No data entry, no labeling, no sorting—just drag and drop. Aerial leverages the power of machine learning to automatically organize your documents so they’re ready for due diligence at a moment’s notice.

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    Aerial is the only platform founders and their lawyers need

    VDR/Cloud Email Desktop Folders Lawyers
    Powered by ML
    Structured for Corp Docs
    Zero Lift
    Real-Time Visibility
    Single Source of Truth
    Low Cost

    Meet the team

    Aerial’s data room is structured specifically for startups and their lawyers. Its innovative design stems from its team — a blend of corporate counsel, successful founders, and machine learning expertise.

    Doug Logan
    CEO and Co-Founder

    As an attorney, previously with K&L Gates, Doug has helped hundreds of companies through formation, fundraising, acquisitions, and beyond.

    Michael Li
    CTO and Co-Founder

    After earning a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Princeton, Michael went on to build and successfully exit a startup, work as a Wall Street quant, and a data scientist for big tech.